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Debauche Christmas Concert


Everyone enjoys a good night out, and I’m no exception to that rule. So when I received an invitation from Laura Demonista to attend a Debauche concert I jumped at the chance. A little while later it occurred to me that I’d not heard of Debauche before – I had no idea what they did or how good they might be so when my wife Kay asked me what the hell we were doing I didn’t have a clear answer. I needn’t have worried: let me tell you here and now that Debauche are sensational! We had a real blast and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the concert.

I now know (because Laura filled me in on the night) that Debauche is the brain child of Laura Demonista and Severina, who met each other in another dance troupe and while it was a lot of fun, she says, it didn’t give them the chance to really express themselves fully. I asked Laura after the show to expand on that and she said:

“I admit, I was lazy and complacent but Severina, bless her, she pushed me when I needed it, urged me when I needed it. And so Debauche was formed, our own troupe. Severina is the driving force and the very heart of it all. I could not do any of this without her. After that, we found a wonderful group of enthusiastic, keen and talented dancers who all shared the same passion and drive. We came together to show what we can do. The response has been phenomenal. We are all quite stunned by it.From the lovely Rachel Avro right down to our newest recruit, Larah Sa’fir, this is very much a team effort. We love to dance, we love to perform. We thrive on having an appreciative audience and we intend to grow and grow in strength to keep that audience coming back for more. And let us never forget the unsung hero of Debauche. Geordie (Bee Itame) is an essential part of it all. Without Geordie, it couldn’t happen. He is our sound man, our MC, our voice of sanity. Always the masterful man, he keeps us in check and on our toes.”


Let me tell you about the show itself: it is a carefully crafted mixture of music and movement, with superb choreography and jaw-droppingly beautiful visuals. Spectacular routines that must have taken hours of practise to perfect. But oh man, the end result… stunning, simply stunning!

It is a Christmas themed performance with sets by Severina, Laura Demonista, Rachel Avro,Brunella Voelisa, Adisa Serenity, Larah Sa’fir, Aoife Modan, Heather Asford, Selene Nirvana and Geordie (Bee Itamae). Each and every one of them turning in a master class of music and dance. For those of you who like to know the full list of what to expect, here’s a rundown of the routines in order of appearance:

Its Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas / Harry Connick Jr

Troupe – Wintersong / Sarah Maclachlan

Laura Solo – Carol of the Bells / [Heavy Metal Version Cover]

Selene, Larah, RachelOne Toy Soldier / Enya

Sev, Laura, Geordie – All I want For Christmas / Mariah Carey

Heather , Brunella, Aoife – The Man With The Bag /Kay Star

Severina, Laura – Santa Baby / Kylie Minogue

Rachel solo – Sexy Santa / Steel Panther

Geordie, Rachel, Adisa, Larah, Heather – Ay Ay Ay Its Christmas / Ricky Martin

Troupe – Canon Rock / Trans Siberian Orchestra

Believe me when I say you simply must go see this show – it’s an absolute Christmas cracker!

Naught Windstorm.






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