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There are some days when it all comes together, when the thing you have waited for patiently comes to pass. Today is the day I’ve been waiting on for quite a few months, my interview with Dokie. She is something of a legend within the SL Porn industry and incredibly busy as a result, but I can assure you that the wait is well worth it. She looks every inch the supermodel; cool, elegant, oozing with sex appeal but the beauty is very much more than skin deep. Dokie is intelligent and funny, and gracious and kind. She has a more than passing resemblance to Gwyneth Paltrow, Pepper Potts from the Iron Man movies, and you’d have to be an Iron Man to resist being drawn under the spell. Needless to say I had no chance – smitten from the moment she said hello. Having thanked her for allowing this to happen I got straight to the point:

Naughtius Windstorm: So first question, how did you come across Second Life?

Dokie: Hmmm, well many years ago I found a different online place called RLC, or Red Light Center. I played around there for a while until one of my friends came over to SL and got me to follow. It was so much better than RLC, I just never went back.

Naughtius Windstorm: RLC? I used that place too before I came here.

Dokie: Lol! A lot of people did apparently.

Naughtius Windstorm: That takes care of the next question “What is better about SL than RLC?”

Dokie: Everything! I’d say more creative freedom and better quality graphics.

Naughtius Windstorm: Yes, and no need to pay a subscription just to get decent levels of access.

Dokie: Right! The only thing I pay for in SL are clothes and props and body parts.

Naughtius Windstorm: I guess you don’t mind admitting that it was the sex aspect that tempted you in the first place, based on the fact that RLC isn’t known for its churches?

Dokie: I’d say so. I’d never seen computer pixel sex until I joined RLC, so I was fascinated with it. So it just evolved from there I suppose.


Naughtius Windstorm: Where do you stand on the subject of pixel sex? As in do you think it superficial or do you think it can be very intense?

Dokie: It can be both, really. I think it’s the same as real life – if you’re with the right partner, it can be awesomely stimulating and intense. But with the wrong partner, it can be drab, boring, and superficial. The advantage we have in SL is being able to log out at a moment’s notice if things go bad. Try ‘logging out’ of a RL one-night-stand that went sour. Not happening! Or at least not quickly lol!

Naughtius Windstorm: I hear what you’re saying and agree totally. For me it’s no less real than when two lovers use the telephone to have sex while they’re separated by distance. It can be every bit as tender and passionate as direct contact – although we’d probably all go for the latter given a choice.

Dokie: Oh certainly!

Naughtius Windstorm: My next question is about your first few months here – how long did it take you to get settled into the SL culture and way of life?

Dokie: Hmmm, fortunately not very long. While learning never really stops in SL, I had some friends that helped get me established in terms of my avi (avatar) and understanding how SL works. so maybe a month or less to really ‘settle in’.


Naughtius Windstorm: And what kind of fun were you having? The stuff you’re prepared to admit to that is?

Dokie: Oh all kinds of fun, exploring everything you could do in SL. from building and exploring to fashion and sex. It didn’t take long, however, for me to discover that I liked photography and storytelling.

Naughtius Windstorm: Now that begs for some further explanation.

Dokie: Let me qualify that – NAUGHTY photography and storytelling lol!

Naughtius Windstorm: Tell me about the storytelling?

Dokie: Well, I’ve always been keen on writing little stories in RL, so combined with photography, SL is a great medium to put aspects of those stories into visual form. Of course, my SL ‘stories’ are far naughtier than anything I wrote in RL, but the basics of a ‘story’ are the same – character, plot, setting, etc. so while I may make naughty stories, I try to give just as much attention to the actual story as I do the visual naughtiness.


Naughtius Windstorm: I admire that perspective Dokie, it’s pretty much the same for me with what I’m trying to achieve. I’ve written stories for Literotica before coming here and I’ve tried to find a way to combine the story with the visual – not as successfully as you have though.

Dokie: It takes practice, for sure!

Naughtius Windstorm: When did you get your first break into the porn business here?

Dokie: Hmmmm.. that’s hard to say. I was creating some naughty comics before I ever really discovered the ‘porn community’, so to speak. Once I opened a Flickr page though, people started knowing my work – that was in 2011-12 I think? So I guess I didn’t exactly have a ‘break’ into the porn business – instead, I think I just kinda thrust myself into it.

Naughtius Windstorm: (laughs!) Good choice of descriptor in the circumstances, I use “thrust” a lot too in certain circumstances.

Dokie: Giggles!

Naughtius Windstorm: So no breakthrough moment, more a gradual insertion?

Dokie: Mmmm…you could say that, yeah!


Naughtius Windstorm: In that case did you have a watershed perhaps? A piece of work that really caught everyone’s attention and made your name?

Dokie: Hmmm – that’s hard to say. I did a picture called “Breaking News” a while back, and that one seemed to get a lot more attention than anything before it. So maybe that’s the closest to what you’re talking about?

Naughtius Windstorm: What other kinds of porn have you done? I know about your comic book story shoot and the one-off shots, but have you been involved in much else?

Dokie: Not really. I mean, I’ve modelled for other photographers, but I haven’t done anything in film yet. I’d be willing to star in a film if asked, but I don’t have much interest in producing them myself, mainly because SL animations are aesthetically crappy most of the time.

Naughtius Windstorm: Agreed about the films – they look jerky and uncoordinated no matter how hard the makers try. With stills you can use imagination more and improve the experience.

Dokie: Yep, and the editing possibilities on still shots means you can get rid of wonky angles and body parts that like to defy the laws of physics.


Naughtius Windstorm: Given your work done so far, what are the highlights and have there been any disasters?

Dokie: I think my highlights are the full-feature comic stories I’ve done – “Paid in full”, “Redtail meets Pinktail”, and “Jason cums home”. I think those are the pinnacle of my visual storytelling talents so far. I love doing single shots too, but nothing captures a ‘story’ like, well, an actual story. Insofar as a disaster… I tried creating an illustrated novel many years back, got about 11 chapters done, but then lost my sim (land parcel) so I couldn’t complete it. So it’s a huge story sitting unfinished, and SL appearances have changed so much since then, I couldn’t finish it even if I wanted to. – it just wouldn’t look right.

Naughtius Windstorm: Alright, we are heading into the home straight – I think the final question should be “What’s next for you?”

Dokie: What’s next? Hmmmm… let me think. Well, I’m sure I’ll continue making awesome single-shot pictures or small pictorials, but currently, I’m working on a HUGE illustrated story modelled after the star-wars universe. So lots of sci-fi space sex.

Naughtius Windstorm: When I do a series of pictures I find it hard work, it takes concentration, but it’s also very erotically charged. Do you find the same thing happening?

Dokie: Oh certainly. while I do stay professional during a shoot, it’s always quite a turn-on, both during the shoot and especially when the final picture emerges from the editing process.

Naughtius Windstorm: You know I need to ask this – have you ever finished the shoot and taken the thing on to another level once the camera is put down?

Dokie: Sometimes lol! It can be hard to tell at times though. Some guys stay very ‘professional’, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t having naughty thoughts that they are restraining.

I think I know exactly what those guys must have been thinking – it would be rude not to!

A few links to Dokie’s work are set out below, along with some more photographs to keep us all aroused 🙂










Photos by Naughtius Windstorm:

1st shoot_082

1st shoot_092

1st shoot_097



Paid in Full:

Redtail Meets Pinktail:

Jason Cums Home:





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