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Eyes On…. Severina

Severina is a well known model in the SL porn industry, although most of her photos are more geared toward the erotic than overtly sexual.  Her fabulous physique is rivaled only to her beautiful heart.  The link for her flickr page is attached at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy!!!

Sev by Naught

Sev, by Naught

Sev by Kay

Sev, by Kay

Sev by Laura

Sev, by Laura

Sev by Geordie

Sev, by Geordie

Sev by Enki

Sev, by Enki

Sev by Goo

Sev, by Goo

Sev by Sol

Sev, by Sol

Sev by Suzy

Sev, by Suzy

Sev by Andro

Sev, by Andro

Sev by TS Hawkins

Sev, by TS Hawkins

Sev by Aria

Sev, by Aria

Sev by Igor

Sev, by Igor

Sev by Ali Fox

Sev by Ali Fox


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