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Girls on Film- Starring Ali Fox!

This week’s page is for Ali Fox, a well known porn star in Second Life, but many haven’t seen her range of photography skills.  She’s an incredibly sweet person too, take a look at her flickr page and read all about her here!



Photographer Name: Ali Fox
Length of time doing photos in SL: 1.5 yrs

Ali- Buns of Steel

Who inspired you to start photography: just seeing all the great artists out there made me want to dip into the pond. not really one person.

Ali-Suspended In Hue

Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc): i punk rock everything. whatever setting the sim is at and then I mess with the camera.

Editing tools used: Gimp and other various Youtube-learned hacks

Ali- Sunset Kiss

Favorite sims to take photos at: Wherever I catch you….or my house.

Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet: Lady Gaga, The Pope, Kay Windstorm, Chris Pratt, Donald Trump and Tina Fey. all nudes of course!



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