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Girls On Film, starring Goo!

Goo is an amazing photographer, has a wonderful eye for shadowing and textures, and is a beautiful model.  I was lucky enough to have her lens on me recently, and the photos she took of me made me breathless.  Her flickr link is provided at the end of this page, please enjoy her work!

Bricolage by Goo

Photographer Name: Goo
Length of time doing photos in SL: Since September 2015

{H.A.M} Bonafide by Goo

Who inspired you to start photography: Myself, i enjoyed a lot of sceneries and i spent a lot of time alone so i liked capturing myself in these photogenic spots.

Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc): Too many I like depending on the mood. I mostly mess with anything ‘TOR’.

Graham by Goo

Editing tools used: Lumi pro and Photoshop

Justin fog by Goo
Favorite sims to take photos at: These days i like making my own sets and scenes. However when i venture i like The Trace, Disturbia and Imesha was a favorite of mine before it was closed down.

Kay by Goo

Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet: Id like to shoot Oakley Foxtrot.

Her Summer Honey by Goo

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