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Jagger Draconis – Man of the Month December 2016


Jagger ‘Jag’ Draconis walked into the offices of SL Confidential the day of our interview, looking every inch the ‘Man in Charge’ and wearing a striking dark suit. Who told him I have a weakness for men in suits? DAMN!!! I had to clear my throat a few times as he sauntered into the room. “But I’m a professional” I told myself, so get a grip girl! I took a deep breath before starting to ask my questions…

Kay: Welcome to the offices of SL Confidential Jag!!!

Jag: Thank you I’m very honored and its is a pleasure to be here!!!!

Kay: Wow, nice suit Jag, *clears my throat* I love men in suits! I need to add a damn ceiling fan in here!!!

Jag: Well thank you Kay, I love the professionalism of it until it needs to come off. (winks)


Kay: So Jag, tell us a bit about yourself, for those who don’t know you from the porn community already.

Jag: Well Kay, a bit about me hmmmm? I’m a very relaxed guy who isn’t opposed to modeling, very open minded to new ideas and concepts.

Kay: How long have you been in the porn community as a whole?

Jag: Oh, on and off for 6 years give or take.

Kay: What would you say you like best about working in porn? I’ve always found getting to know people here is amazing.

Jag: I very much agree, getting to know everyone is awesome, as well as getting to know their different styles.

Kay: The talent, especially in photography, is always stunning don’t you think?

Jag: It has occurred to me as well, in many ways, because each one is different with their own views and ideas, all of which are very refreshing.


Kay: If you could choose to work with that you haven’t worked with yet, who would it be?

Jag: A while ago I had the opportunity to shoot Demi from Dirty Girl Dreams, I enjoyed that immensely. If I had to name a few I’d have to say Moonie, Be, and Suff just to name a few off a very long list. (laughs)

Kay: What’s the biggest issue with SL you’ve had so far, aside from technical problems?

Jag: I really don’t have many issues with SL. I really just try to enjoy my time there and excel at the things I plan on doing.

Kay: Is there anything you’d like to do in SL you haven’t yet done?

Jag: I heard at one point SL has its own Mile High club (laughs), I haven’t had the opportunity to join that yet. Other than that I just go where the winds of SL carry me. I’d also like to model non porn, as well as the porn I already do. I have an Aesthetic body so I’d love to model clothing that would work on it.


Kay: So Jag, any upcoming projects you are working on?

Jag: There are many concepts I’m considering at the moment Kay, as well as a couple of collaborations. I do poses, single and sets, the set I liked the most was with Erin Celestalis, I’ll show you…

Kay: How long have you been making our own poses?

Jag: I’ve been doing those for about a year, I had ‘Anypose’ for some time and hadn’t used it, then  I started playing with it and found I enjoyed working with that.

Kay: It was great having you stop by Jag, any last things you want our readers to know about you?

Jag: I really just want to say enjoy your SL lives to the fullest, and all the things you get to do here. I would also like to thank the many people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with everyone has been completely awesome!!


My phone rang just as we ended the interview. It saved me from letting him see the gleam in my eyes as he sat across the desk from me. Well, he will be a model for our magazine so maybe I could show him a little bit more than just a ‘gleam’ next time…??


Interview by Kay Windstorm.


See Jag’s flickr page on this link:





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