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July Girl of the Month – Simone Landers

Interview by Naught Windstorm, pictures by Simone Landers


This month we are graced by the presence of the delectable Simone Landers. She is well known to the porn star community and her innocent, fresh but intensely sensual presence in front of camera is highly prized. She is also a very talented photographer in her own right and the vast majority of shots used in this interview are her own work, with just a couple of scene-setting shots from me to blend in the location. I managed to pick up with Simone while she was working in a studio:

NW: I like your place here. Is this where you live or just a studio for you?

Simone: Oh this is just a studio I use to work in – would you like to sit?

NW: the first question is how did you find out about SL in the first place?

Simone: well, I was playing ‘Habbo’ and it was boring, and somehow I read about or saw a story about SL and joined up

NW: what did you think to it when you first got here, and what kind of things did you get up to?

Simone: when I first got here I thought I was meant to look like me, not realizing I could be Giant Wonder Woman if I wanted, so my ‘look’ was fairly standard. long brown hair and normal, boring look ‘. I wandered around exploring all the worlds, not really knowing what to do, was kinda amazed when I saw people having sex in the open , that was totally new to me.


NW: so you enjoyed seeing people having sex in here? Did you try it out for yourself quickly after that?

Simone: I honestly can’t remember, but on that first day a dog came up, nuzzled my crotch and talked dirty, I was like ‘Oh My God! this place is friendly’ ha ha!

NW: so how did you encounter the world of SL Porn?

Simone: well, I guess like all ‘noobs‘ I found a world were anything goes and no one I knew would know, so it was fairly soon I thought I wanted to be a pornstar, like so many, but it wasn’t to be. I was just another noob running around saying ‘look at me, look at me’ but no one does, and I’ve since realized why.

NW: you must have had a breakthrough moment though? What changed your luck?

Simone: Oh, I came to the conclusion that if no one wanted to take my pic, and why would they, it was because I was a noob in free clothes. I decided I would make my own pictures, and then I was hooked on the pic-making side.


NW: at what point did you decide to upgrade your avatar appearance and are you still using your RL look as a point of reference?

Simone: I felt I wasn’t getting the look I wanted in the pictures. I’d have to ‘touch up’ to make my ‘avi’ look normal, push something in here, flatten a bump there, make this have a nice curve, all this and I didn’t (and still don’t) have Photoshop. So the easiest way was to get a Maitreya body, and that was a huge step for a girl who never wanted to get that into it. I wanted to spend money but I love mesh clothes too, so there has been no turning back lol. I guess I still do use RL as a point of reference. I do have long brown hair and I did try to make my face look like me. Well… what I think I’d look like if the world slightly squinted it’s eyes hehe, and I guess that why I have stuck with a classic head, because I feel my look is ‘Me’ and my pic’s are of ‘Me’, if I swapped to a mesh head, I don’t think I’d feel as much like ‘me’.

NW: so tell me about your first porn picture successes? When did you start to get recognised as a hot ticket?

Simone: Big Ticket? hmm, I think you have the wrong model (laughs) but my very first picture, the person who took my first naughty picture… That was the amazing Dokie. I was a fan of her stuff the first day I saw it and she made me realize that a picture can say more than just two people having sex. It can look as if it’s just a snapshot of a larger story. My second picture was Melina Jamison, she had me pose for her and said “Dont worry hun if it doesn’t get many ‘Faves’, often new faces never do” and I was cool with that, I was just happy someone wanted to take my picture but it got almost one hundred faves, I was thrilled and amazed! Not long after I met her then partner Ashlynn who I became besties with. we did a few and its gone on from there. I do miss Ash.

NW: So what next for you Simone, how would you like things to develop in your porn career?

Simone: as for the future, I’d just love to work on the quality of my pictures. I’m constantly amazed by what people are doing. It’s sometimes hard to tell now an SL pic from a Real one. I hope to never stop learning and find new ways to get better rests. I have a few ideas I’m working on, mostly smaller one’s but if anyone has a ‘big’ project’ they think would be right for me, I’m always up for a challenge.







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