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May Girl Of The Month- Dokie

Dokie- What A View

We are fortunate indeed to have one of our original magazine models and photographers returning for another set in SL Confidential. For those of you who may not recognise her, may I present Dokie. She is known within the industry for her natural beauty and technical talent, and on top of everything else is one of the nicest and most intelligent people you could wish to meet.

Dokie- Bob On Holiday

I asked Dokie what she had been up to since she last appeared in SLC and her answer was wickedly quick. “Why I’ve been doing porn” she grinned knowingly, “isn’t everybody in our line of business?” Noticing my discomfort at the gentle ribbing of my ‘dumb ass’ question she immediately leapt to my rescue. “It’s a good question Naught, and the serious answer is that I’ve been concentrating a lot on doing single shot compositions. You know, where you try and capture as much of a story or theme in a single take as possible? I am also in the production phase for a porn parody on Star Wars. This is a large undertaking with lots of hard work involved, but it’s a real pleasure to be involved in. I just hope the viewers enjoy watching it as much as we enjoy making it.”

Dokie- Criss Bliss Creative Conference

Dokie- Bench Press



Amen to that Dokie!

Naught Windstorm (pictures by Dokie)

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