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Nosh Versus… Partee

This will be the first edition in the series of Nosh VS galleries, where she has done sets with different porn stars in SL.  This set with Partee is our maiden voyage in posting these….


Nosh vs Partee Part 1

I usually see Partee Mytili with 3 or 4 other women, but tonight I wanted to invite her to the movies, just me and her. I tend to do better socially in one on one conversations than with a group, so I planned this girls night out with just Partee in other to “get to know her better”, if you know what I mean.

Fortunately, the local theater was playing a few classics that are known for the notoriety.

Nosh Vs Partee Pt 1

Nosh vs Partee Part 2

We get a bucket of popcorn from the concession stand and take our seats inside the theater. We had our pick of seats because there was no one there yet, so we chose to sit in the front, taking the best seats in the house.

But not for this movie. I insisted that we watch The Room. Anyone that knows about that movie would know why I have no intention of watching it. I have other plans in mind.


Nosh Vs Partee Pt 2

Nosh vs Partee Part 3

Me and Partee were not really paying attention to the movie because it was so bad (it’s The Room after all), but the first sex scene in the movie put me in the mood. That’s when I suddenly start kissing Partee’s neck, feeling a wave of heat flowing through me that I couldn’t control.

Partee is so lovely and sexy at I just could not help myself. I can almost sense that this is what she’d rather be doing too.


Nosh Vs Partee Pt 3

Nosh vs Partee Part 4

I had a feeling that Partee knew why I invited her to the movies, because I knew that being a very bad movie, no one would come to watch it and thus we would have the whole theater to ourselves in privacy. She took her dress off and I worked on her lovely big breasts to get her in the mood.

I didn’t know for sure if there was anyone else there, but the theater was empty enough and I was in heat.

Nosh Vs Partee Pt 4

Nosh vs Partee Part 5

Partee takes off her dress and leans herself back on the seat so that I can get in between her legs to pleasure her. She’s really sweet, making me want more of her. Her kind and compassionate personally attracts me to her to the point where I want to please her like this.

We are in a public place,so I can’t help but feel that we’re being watched, but that doesn’t bother me. I want to continue playing with Partee.

Nosh Vs Partee Pt 5

Nosh vs Partee Part 6

I am super glad that Partee is enjoying this public session of sex that we are having. So much so that she decides to play with me in return, licking me in my own naughty bits. While I knew we were in a public setting, I could not help but moan out loud so that even people outside the theater could possibly hear us.

I was so glad to have chosen to watch a movie I knew nobody would want to watch.

Nosh Vs Partee Pt 6

Nosh vs Partee Part 7

Me and Partee just could not keep out hands off of each other for the duration of the movie, nor our cunnies. The movie was in it’s last few minutes when we both decided to get on the floor and scissor each other, much to the delight of anyone that might have watched us.

But that was when Partee accidentally dropped the popcorn on the floor. I paid good money for that, but neither of us missed a beat while scissoring.

Nosh Vs Partee Pt 7

Nosh vs Partee Part 8

The terrible movie finally ends and that singles the end of our fun as the lights come back on as me and Partee get our clothes back on just in time. However, the spill of popcorn is still there as we walk out. I kind of look at it with concern, what if we get in trouble? I tell her…

“Partee, shouldn’t we take care of that popcorn?”

“We are fine Noshi. Somebody will clean that up, as well as our own mess.”

Nosh Vs Partee Pt 8

Nosh vs Partee Part 9 (Final)

I guess me and Partee did not have any qualms about having sex in front of people after all. As soon as we get out the theater and near the concession stand, we started making out again, removing our clothes without regard for anyone that might see us.

Having sex in public is a huge turn on for me and doesn’t affect me like it might others. I think Partee doesn’t have a problem with it as she’s been in countless pornos.

In short, we are fine.

Nosh Vs Partee Pt 9


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