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Nosh VS Rachel Avro

We love Nosh’s “VS” series, and wanted to feature it this month since Rachel is the Girl Of the Month here.  Have a look at the amazing pics, and enjoy the story Nosh adds to spice things up even hotter!

Nosh V Rachel 1

A couple of weeks ago, me and Rachel Avro took part in the filming of a new movie, 2069, directed by Mitzy Broadway. We had fun on the set, pleasuring each other in front of the camera. Mitzy then shouted “cut!”, but me and Rachel could not get our hands off of each other. Mitzy decided to leave us to our fun. The sun was going down on the set but a strange feeling washed over us while in the middle of the Roman bath.


Nosh VS Rachel 2

As stated before, me and Rachel had this attraction to each other ever since we started having sex in front of the camera when Mitzy was filming us. We could have been paired up with anyone else during the casting, but we were paired with each other, and I could not ask for a better sexual partner. We kept pleasuring each other after the cameras stopped rolling. The steamy and exotic Roman bath only added to our lust.


Nosh VS Rachel 3

Rachel had me eat her out too much during the filming, but that was okay with me. She just tasted too good, too sweet, too delicious for me to stop. I push her down at an angle, my cute feet floating among the shallow water, as my tongue sticks out and enters Rachel’s folds and I make her moan in delight. The only source of light are the flames of the torches. It’s way past midnight, but neither of us are ready to stop.


Nosh VS Rachel 4

I guess this is the type of thing that happens when our bodies radiate heat more hotter than the steam around us. And amazing and as good it felt to be in a Roman bathhouse, it was nothing compared to the feelings that me and Rachel had for each other. It’s not often that I engage in 69 with anyone as I guess me and my partners prefer to take turns. But for Rachel, the lust was so great, I made an exception.


Nosh VS Rachel 5

I decided to make Rachel eat me out for a change as I’ve been more than generous in pleasuring her, as much as I possibly could, as she was just too sweet for me. The echoes of my moans bounced off the walls of the bathhouse as the steamy environment only made my body feel even more warm with lust. She seemed all too eager to make love to me. Of course, I just can never resist a chance to have fun with someone so gorgeous.


Nosh VS Rachel 6

Lust is what takes over our heated bodies in order for us to wrap ourselves around each other so that we can feel that warm passion that we have for us. The setting already providing that romantic scenery that only increases our hearts in excitement. My ears ring as I listen to her panting while grinding, looking into her eyes and seeing her soul, as lovely as it is, staring back at me with similar thoughts of promiscuity.


Nosh VS Rachel 7

You can understand when you been having fun wih someone for hours just how much they mean to you and how much you mean to them. Just imagine being in a secret relationship with your co-worker and staying after hours just to play with them in your office. The environment may not be the same, but the passion will always be there. That’s the kind of fun you would wish to have everyday. A bit of luck between us goes a long way.


Nosh VS Rachel 8

Have you ever had that feeling where you didn’t want to have sex anymore but still wanted to kiss your partner? You can say that’s the feeling that swept across us even late into the hours of our fun. The only light coming from the torches but still being able to feel her soft embrace. No doubt my lust is still there but it’s taken a backseat at least for now. I can feel our breasts juggling with excitement.


Nosh VS Rachel 9

There are times where you can only go on having fun with someone for so long before your batteries start t run out. Then there are times where your lust and passion give you the power to keep going. Perhaps this was one example of the latter, the delight being too great for me to say no. You can tell that there is passion in the air when you lose track of time, to see the dawn rise from the statues of the set. That is what’s called dedication.


All photos and storyline by Nosh





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