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December Girl of the Month Partee – The life and soul of…

An interview by Naught Windstorm


It isn’t every day that SL Confidential office plays host to one of the biggest names in SL Porn. Today though it was different: today we had a visit from Parthenea Mytilene, also known as ‘Partee’ to her many friends and admirers. This is the transcript of our interview, with some pictures to help set the scene…

Me:  How did you find out about SL in the first place?

Partee:  Now, how to I put this that doesn’t sound too kinky? I was randomly roaming around the internet and I ran across a web page called “The Latexdolls”. (Okay now I just know some will draw their conclusions on that alone!) It has to do with the group that is associated with the sim Fetish VooDoo. Well, I was amazed that Second Life, which I had first heard about on Science Friday on NPR, had anything of the sort. So I decided I had to try out Second Life and see what it was like. Well I was almost instantly hooked and astonished at the whole thing and decided to explore.

And to answer the obvious question yes I visited the site even though I was not interested in becoming a latex doll, though, I don’t mind wearing a bit of latex now and then.


Me:  What did you do in SL in those early days?

Partee:  I did what most everyone might do. I roamed around at first and realized almost instantly that I looked atrocious! Started to shop almost instantly and purchased a decent skin for the time and clothes. From there I moved onto places where I could dance and chat and flirt! I remember sometimes being up to 3 to 4 am for several nights before I realized that that nasty thing called sleep was calling me rather insistently. Even now, like many, Second Life does keep me up later than I sensibly should.

Me:  You are a big name in SL Porn now, but how did you get started?

Partee:  Like many I discovered this amazing thing you could do with Second Life: take pictures of yourself and your experiences. So I began to do this very early on for my own documentation. Then I further discovered that others put their pictures onto online sites such as Flickr. Oh, if anyone is interested those early photos of me were put alight with gasoline and then buried in peat moss in the back 40!

Where I really got a big boost was when I was roaming around and ran across a strip club in Second Life called Wesh (which is still running to this day). I happened to strike up a conversation with one of the owners at the time, Silvy Tophat. I was amazed at the existence of such a place and after a bit she offered me a job there. Well, at that time I was rather shy and thought at first that there could be no way I could do that. But then I decided why not give it a try so I accepted. From that I learn to overcome my shyness and allow myself to become more expressive to people both in Second Life and in Real Life as well.

I had a couple of small ‘vid’ roles while I was working there but then a producer couple had seen me at the club and asked me if I wanted to be one of their players. It was something I said yes to immediately and it was from their that I was able eventually more into SL Porn. Then I discovered the Porn Parties put on by Miss Emily and I was hooked and was able to interact with those in the business on a personal basis. I never looked back, as the hackneyed phrase goes!


Me:  What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?

Partee:  Do I have to pick one?:) Well, I had appeared 3 times so far in Busted in one way or another but then Rachel Swallows herself asked if I would pose for her in a pictorial. Well, how could I ever say no! Rachel is one of the most amazing people in Second Life and I was utterly humbled that she asked me. The shoot when very well, Rachel did an incredible job as always and I was in awe of the photos. But then when the issue of Busted was realized I found out then that it was to be the very last issue. Rachel had decided to bring it to a close. And To be frank I am glad she had not told me at the time of the shoot because I know I would have cried thru the whole thing knowing that.

Me:  Which do you prefer doing – being a model or taking photographs?

Partee:  Oh my I love both! I simply could not choose between the two. The chance to model for someone, and to help them create an image by trying to do my very best for them. That is so much fun. But also I love creating my own images, trying to come up with creative ideas that are sensual, erotic, funny, and sometimes moving (well I hope I can). It is something I don’t think I will ever grow tired of.


Me:  What has been the biggest influence on your development as a porn star?

Partee:  Biggest influence, oh why do you make this sooooo hard! Well, I think the professionalism displayed by so many in the business has made quite an impression on me. SL Porn can be fun and serious and hard work all at the same time! Many do it with aplomb and poise. I only hope that I can model myself after them with each effort.

Me:  Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what’s involved?

Partee:  Well, big pieces of work? I love my fashion work. It is a source of great joy and pleasure to me. But beyond that constant the work is always here and there. Doing this and then that. I don’t think I have “Big” pieces of work.


Me:  Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet that you’d really like to do?

Partee:  Yes three things come to mind. First, I would love to make my own clothing. I just love the idea of making some dress of my own and texturing it just right and putting it out there that would be so thrilling!

But, second, close to the first, is making mesh objects that I could sell in the gacha markets. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a real gacha addict. I love how companies like DRD, Verspertine, 8F8, Apple Falls, Anc, and others make such delightful items which can be used to decorate a home, a set, a sim, giving them just the right feel and depth. I would love to do that myself someday.

Third, is making my own vids. I have some ideas about how I might do things a little differently, borrowing from the pages of directors like Orson Welles (oh my head certainly is swelling!). However, as with the first two it is just hard to find the time to devote to it to get it done. Someday perhaps!!

At this point I do confess that the proximity of such a beautiful woman as Partee began to distract me from my purpose. Add to that the presence on set of my equally gorgeous wife Kay Windstorm… Well, you surely don’t need me to paint you a picture, do you? 🙂





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