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September Man of the Month, Sol!

This month we feature Sol, one of our amazing photographers in SL Confidential.  He’s sweet, talented, but very quiet in SL.  His style is distinctive, and his use of shadowing is wonderful.  Meet Sol, see his work, and get to know him a bit better in this interview 🙂


Sol's icon


Kay: Hi Sol, welcome to the SLC office!
Sol: Hey Kay, thanks for the invite, looks very plush may I say 🙂

Sol 1

Kay: How did you find out about Second Life?
Sol: Had initially read about it in the national press, thought I would see what the crack with it was, and if the things that were printed were actually true or not.

Kay: What did you do in SL when you first came here?
Sol: I spent 2 weeks walking around the welcome island, thinking wow… this place is so boring, was in the pre -voice days and so I left. I returned around a year later when some other friends joined, made some new friends, and as all new avatars do, became a stripper 🙂

Sol's HAM

Kay: You do great photography work Sol, do you do pics in rl as well?
Sol: Not really , I take some but just recently found I enjoyed taking pictures here in SL.

Sol's Chrissie

Kay: How did you find out about SL porn? What made you get started in it after that?
Sol: Personally I don’t think I do porn, it’s more erotic in style, but I know this is a real argument, and there are many sides to the debate, where no one is totally the winner. I just began taking a few snaps and people liked them, asking me to do more and their clothes became less, so as much as I veer back into the safe zone, I often end up doing a sensual picture soon after.

Kay: What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?
Sol: It’s still very early to say on this, for me its just to have fun taking pics, as you see in my shots I do get mean and moody and move on very easily.

Sol's Coffee

Kay: What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work, any other sl hobbies?
Sol: I love spending time with my friends, sometimes clubbing, sometimes just fiddling with trying to landscape, also if I can help out a friend I will.

Sol 2

Kay: What has been your inspiration in doing porn photography?
Sol: I’ve been told I have a talent at what I do, but without other great artists and designers, I’d say I’d not even be taking pictures.

Kay: Have you got any projects lined up for the near future?
Sol: None on the horizon, i kind of just freelance my thoughts from day to day.

Sol 3

Kay: Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet that you’d really like to do?
Sol: Yes to take your picture 🙂

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