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Wild Boys, featuring Andro Quan

Photographer Name: Andro Quan

20170313 Fruity Nude pose
Length of time doing photos in SL: About 3 years for now, I think, not for sure…. could be… I guess

0170419 Skull Dance
Who inspired you to start photography: My RL interest for photography and the art, it is in my eyes

20140427 Intruders copy
Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc): All different, it depends on the pose and the mood mostly

Editing tools used: LumiPro and Photoshop CS3

20170416 Sweet touch copy
Favorite sims to take photos at: My home, I make my own scenes.

20170324 Young Viking Warrior (by Andro Quan)
Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet: Cliche, but as long as they have an mesh body it is fine with me. Facial emotes even better.

Andro Quan – Flickr

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