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Wild Boys, starring Ted Dosei

This page is featuring Ted, a fast rising photographer in the porn community.  You may have seen him in porn chats, if you haven’t seen his work, find the link to it here.

WIld Boys Ted 1

Photographer Name: Ted Dosei

Wild Boys Ted 2


Length of time doing photos in SL: Several years, but only seriously in the last two years.

Wild Boys Ted 3
Who inspired you to start photography: First got involved with SL video work, and still capture video. Photos are considerably easier to setup and align.

Wild Boys Ted 4
Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc): WL settings depend on the setting and subject. I’m always experimenting.

Wild Boys Ted 5
Editing tools used: Photoshop.

Wild Boys Ted 6
Favorite sims to take photos at: The Naked! SIMs.

Wild Boys Ted 7
Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet: No one in particular. I enjoy working with anyone, as long as shape proportions are reasonable and they are “well equipped” with Bento and accessories. They can really add to a photo.



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