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December’s Man of the Month, Marcus Strong

Marcus Strong is a personal friend of mine, I’ve known him before I actually started doing SL porn.  So I wanted to be sure to feature him in one of our Man of the Month segments in SLC. Marcus is one of a small number of photographers in SL that searches for new porn talent and gives them exposure so they can see if they’d really like being in the scene.  Get to know Marcus a bit more in this interview, his Flickr page link is at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!!


Marcus MOM_012

Kay- Hey Marcus, Welcome to the SLC office!
Marcus – Thanks Kay, nice to be here.

Kay- I see you a lot online, but we don’t get time to talk much 🙂
Marcus- Well we run in different circles, it seems mostly I am taking photos and/or working on making some new stories for my Flickr.

Marcus MOM_004

Kay- How did you find Second Life?
Marcus- A friend showed it to me, got me interested, and here I am.

Kay -What did you do here in SL in the beginning?
Marcus- Mainly explored…..looked around, you know.

Tammy Jones IMR

Marcus and Tammy Jones

Kay -How did you get started in SL porn?
Marcus- I was on a nude beach. A woman photographer told me I had a great avi and look, and should look into doing erotic posing. I gave it a shot and got my break with great folks like Erin Celestialis,Marika Barsdale,and Isa Cheviot to name a few.

Kay – What made you start doing photography?
Marcus- Well its funny. I kept waiting to be used in photos and I would be.. but it was long gaps between. That’s when I said OK ..roll up your sleeves and give it a shot.

Marcus MOM_007

Kay- I’ve noticed the changes in how you do your photos, can you expand on that?
Marcus- Well I’m creating my own logos and backgrounds for things. If you keep doing the same stuff, you get complacent don’t grow. But the original stuff made me who I am here in our circle. You can’t forget the past.

Marcus IGCP

Kay- You are pretty well known for featuring new models to porn, what made you decide to do that?
Marcus- I got brought in when I was new. A few times I was told ” You aren’t a big name, I can’t use you”. To me that’s bullshit, that’s wrong. You gonna hold someone back who might be a great talent and good person because “you ain’t got a big name”. When I started, I said I would give new people a chance to shine. The old saying goes “You ain’t gotta dim another’s light in order for yours to burn bright”.

Wendy Cabin Fever

Kay- Do you think you’ve changed much here since you started in the virtual world?
Marcus- I don’t put up with a lot of shit. So yeah I changed. I’m patient but my patience does run out. Once you done me wrong, you out … done, bye, over. I don’t got to have your drama or nonsense in my world. That’s made me change a lot here.

Marcus MOM_009

Kay- What are your favorite sims to visit?
Marcus- Hard to say. I just go and visit and see whats out there.

Kay-What has been your favorite image you’ve taken in porn?
Marcus- Oh that’s tough…there are always good photos. I can’t really choose a favorite.

Lesley NAM

Marcus and Lesley Aristocrat

Kay -What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work and photography, any other sl hobbies?
Marcus- Teach white people how to speak jive. Everyone’s got to have some soul in em.

Marcus MOM_013

Kay- Do you have any people who have been your biggest influence on your development in porn?
Marcus- That’s tough. I’ve been here for a long while..Larry Vinaver is off the top of my head thou cause Larry was the first dude to show me the ropes and always is class. Men.. be like Larry… have class.

Kay-Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so, can you tell us what’s involved?
Marcus- Right now it’s the black and white project of beautiful girls. These are girls who pose for me on a regular basis I’m showing off. It’s time consuming but fun.

Kay-Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet that you’d really like to do?
Marcus- Movies. That’s the next step!

Marcus MOM_008

Kay-We are proud to have you here as a part of the SLC group Marcus, thanks for joining us!
Marcus- Thanks for letting me hang out, was very nice to be here. Now, pardon me ..the Negro Signal is in the air ..I am needed to shoot some porn..Peace Love and remember….OJ Did it.

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