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Eyes On- Aria Horan

Naught and I are happy to present a new monthly addition to SLC, the Eyes On page.  The idea behind this is to focus on a single model, and have different photographers of all skill levels shoot her in their own view.  We have such a diverse and talented group of people in SLC, this is a great way of showcasing not only those members, but our own models as well!

First, is our own incredible Naughtius Windstorm… Publisher, wordsmith, and best of all, my sexy husband…. he was able to capture Aria’s stunning assets!

Next is the photo I did with Aria, at a sim dedicated to the movie Casablanca…

Aria by Kay

Temp did this amazing shot, great shading!

Aria by Temp

This photo is by Sol…. love the red highlights!

Aria by Sol

This one is Ted Dosei’s vision, the model and photographer!

Aria by Ted Dosei

This image is by Bane, the black and white sketch type effect is great!

Aria by Bane

Image by Sheri Balto, a nice FF caressing here!

Aria by Sheri Balto

This was done by Tammy Jones,  Aria is ready to whip someone!

Aria by Tammy Jones

Dylan Cohen shot this, his style is always remarkable.

Aria by Dylan Cohen

One from Gwen, a great topless shot!

Aria by Gwen

This is  the reason I love Ali Fox, she always does such unique work.

Aria by Ali Fox

The Laura Richards images are always breathtaking.

Aria by Laura

Curty is getting some hot tongue with Aria on this!

Aria by Curty

Nosh, you did great on this shadow photo!

Aria by Nosh

Aria by Igor…. the realism of his photos always takes the breath away.

Aria by Igor

BeeQueen did a great pool image here.

Aria by BeeQueen

Pulsar Grut, aka Enki, and his hot photo, well done!

Aria by Enki

This image is from Marck, his unique look is great here.

Aria by Marck

Sara had Aria pose for her, this reddish tint really makes Aria shine!

Aria by Sara Shepherd

This is Aria by Leslie, I love her use of darkness in this shot…

Aria edi

Next up, we have Jamezz and his photo with Aria, a nice sexy beach look!

Aria by Jamezz 1

Ellen Saint did this icy HOT photo of Aria..

Aria by Ellen Saint


and to finish this page, Wolf shot Aria on a motorcycle, Naught’s favorite ride!

Aria by Wolf


We hope you enjoyed this set, be on the lookout for our next model, Laura Richards!

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